Border Collie Puppies for sale in Salt Lake City, Utah! Field Stone Border Collies is looking forward to welcoming two new litters this year!

We are breeding FSBC Tess with FSBC Kouta and FSBC Moira is going to be bred with FSBC Rain in Fall 2024. We are very excited to breed these exceptional pairs showcasing their intellect, sweet temperament and athleticism. These dogs will produce puppies that are Red/White, Black/White, Blue Merle, Tri-color and, perhaps, a Wolf Sable or two.

Our calendar shows mating dates, litter due dates, plus our training and social events:

Also, there are pictures and videos of our past litters on Facebook of our Border Collie puppies. You’ll love watching these pups grow, pull shenanigans and share that puppy love with us all.

Our blog is a great source of information on all things Border Collie. Visit You’ll hear about all the news and details of our kennel, and about common issues owners are concerned about. Our blog is a great place for general information about our breeding program and our dogs, too.

Lastly, we have a FAQ page that will help answer some of those important questions you have about buying a puppy from us. You can find our FAQ page here: Stay tuned!! We have the puppy you’ve been looking for….

You can also visit our friends at Midnight Border Collies and Cowgirl Faith Border Collies to check on their next litters, too!