These are some of the most commonly asked questions we receive and most of this information can be found on our site. “FSBC” refers to “Field Stone Border Collies. Please take a few minutes to become familiar with our site.

How long is your waitlist?

People that have placed a deposit are placed in order of the date their funds become available in our account. Once a litter is born (whelped), we start at the top of the list and offer a puppy to each person in order. If a depositor refuses an offer or passes on a litter, we move down the list until all pups from that litter are offered and accepted. You can find the information on this topic here: https://fieldstonebordercollies.net/fsbc-family/

Is my deposit refundable?

If you place a deposit and decide not to continue with FSBC you may request to be removed from our list by emailing us at media@fieldstonebordercollies.net. $200 of your deposit is refundable up to the point that you are offered a puppy. If you change your mind after you have been offered a puppy or reserved a pup and we have moved on to the next person on the choice list your deposit is forfeited and is no longer refundable. The refundable portion of your deposit, $200, will only be refunded if you have not been offered a pup. $100 of your $300 deposit is nonrefundable, as is the $10 to use PayPal or a credit card. It will take approximately 30 days for your refund to be mailed to you. Once your deposit is received you have two years to reserve a puppy at the rate in which your Deposit Agreement Receipt stated. If you choose to wait to reserve a puppy after that timeframe your final payment will be equal to the current puppy purchase price. You can find this information here: https://fieldstonebordercollies.net/fsbc-family/

Do I get to pick the puppy I want once you offer me a pick from a litter?

Yes, from the puppies that are available. FSBC has first right of refusal on any litter; we reserve the right to have first pick. Next, the first depositor on the current list is offered a puppy and they choose or defer. We go down the list in chronological order using the same process. For example, if there are five puppies in a litter and you are made the 5th offer, you can choose to take that puppy or defer to a future litter. Please read: https://fieldstonebordercollies.net/fsbc-family/

How much are your dogs?

Our current purchase price for an FSBC puppy is $1600. After you submit your $300 deposit, $1300 is due prior to pick up or shipment. FSBC reserves the right to change the amount of all fees, deposits, and total purchase price to meet business needs. You can find this information here: https://fieldstonebordercollies.net/fsbc-family/

Do you sell breeding rights?

No, we do not. You can find this information here: https://fieldstonebordercollies.net/fsbc-family/

Do you ship puppies out of state?

We prefer not shipping a puppy but offer this service as a courtesy if we feel it is appropriate. We do NOT ship east of the Mississippi. You can find this information here: https://fieldstonebordercollies.net/fsbc-family/

I’m living east of the Mississippi. Do you ship puppies east of the Mississippi?

No, we do not. Shipping is very stressful for a puppy and we feel the distance from Utah to homes east of the Mississippi are too far for the comfort of our puppies and not in their best interest. We recommend finding a breeder close to you and will be happy to make a referral if one is available at the time of your inquiry. Indeed, there are overseas breeders that will ship pups to homes stateside and vice versa. While we support the right of other owners and breeders to do what they think is right for them and their programs, we choose not to ship puppies to areas east of the Mississippi. You can find shipping information here: https://fieldstonebordercollies.net/fsbc-family/

Do you know any other breeders in my area?

We make referrals to breeders we feel to be in keeping with our values of putting the health and welfare of the Border Collie first before all else. We do not guarantee any breeder or any program and any recommendation we make is based on what we know of a program at the time the referral is made. We take no responsibility for any part of your interaction with someone we recommend and believe that you should vet any breeder or owner yourself.

When is your next litter?

We breed approximately once or twice per year. We try to keep our website updated with any news about breeding. You can find this information here:

We have a long-standing working relationship with Midnight Border Collies and Cowgirl Faith Border Collies. If we are not producing a litter on your timeline we ask you contact Carolann at Midnight Border Collies and Kaylin at Cowgirl Faith Border Collies.

What is your connection to Midnight Border Collies and Cowgirl Faith Border Collies?

We have a long-standing working relationship with Midnight Border Collies and Cowgirl Faith Border Collies. Several of our dogs have come from Carolann’s and Kaylin’s kennels, and they have a couple dogs bred by FSBC. If you need more information please call FSBC at 801.879.5140 and/or visit http://www.midnightbordercollies.com/ You can find this information here: https://fieldstonebordercollies.net/fsbc-family/

Are your dogs registered and with who?

Our dogs are American Border Collie Association (ABCA) registered, as are all our litters. http://americanbordercollie.org/

Have your dogs had health checks?

Absolutely. Riley and Quinn have undergone OFA hip checks and Paw Print Genetics Health and attribute genetic studies. Kouta and Ghost will be receiving their OFA checks this year (2021) and Tess will have her OFA and genetics tests after one year of age (after February 2022).

Have your dogs had OFA hip checks?

Yes. We take OFA very seriously. Riley and Quinn are OFA Hips “Good”. Kouta and Ghost will be checked this year (2021) and Tess will be checked after one year of age. For information about Hip Dysplasia and the OFA grading system, read here: https://www.ofa.org/diseases/hip-dysplasia

How do I get on your wait list?

To purchase a Field Stone Border Collie puppy, go to the FSBC Deposit Agreement. We work from a deposit list that requires you to place a deposit and submit a completed form telling us about you and your needs. Go to FSBC Deposit Agreement (https://fieldstonebordercollies.net/deposit-agreement/) to complete this form and pay your deposit.

Can I text you?

Yes, if you are looking for information about buying a puppy of if you want to discuss training, breeding, placement of a dog, or just want advice.

How do I get in touch with you?


What happens after I put down a deposit?

How to Purchase an FSBC Puppy: First Steps

Can you promise me a certain color puppy?

Absolutely not. We do not breed for color. We ask you to fill out our puppy deposit (payment) form with what you are looking for in a dog or puppy, then we will discuss your needs. https://fieldstonebordercollies.net/deposit-agreement/

How does your deposit system work?

Owning a Field Stone Border Collie begins by placing a deposit (which goes toward your final purchase price) and securing your name on our deposit list. People are allowed to choose their puppy in the order their deposit was received (chronologically). For example; depositor #1 gets first pick, depositor #2 gets second pick and so on. That being said, as the breeder, we have the option of first pick from our litters. We always try to accommodate everyone’s wishes, but we cannot guarantee colors, energy levels, etc., so please take that into consideration before placing a deposit. Border Collies have traditionally been bred as herding dogs and potential owners MUST understand the breed before buying a pup. For more information please read: https://fieldstonebordercollies.net/deposit-agreement/

Are your dogs working dogs?

Border Collies have traditionally been bred and used as working dogs on sheep. Their lines are specific for those tasks. Border Collies will exhibit traits they have been bred for. We do not work sheep, or stock of any kind, with our dogs currently. https://fieldstonebordercollies.net/about/

How much do you charge for Stud service?

Please call 801.879.5140 to discuss our Stud dogs and any potential breeding.

Can I come see your dogs?

We have a puppy visit day when a litter is between 4 to 8 weeks as is feasible and BY INVITATION to our depositors who have placed a deposit and accepted a puppy.

Have your dogs been tested for common Border Collie health issues?

Yes. You can see them by clicking the Paw Print Genetics link by the dog’s description.

What is your OFA score for each dog and what does it mean?

FSBC Riley and FSBC Quinn are OFA “Good”. For a full description of OFA hip grading go to: https://www.ofa.org/diseases/hip-dysplasia/grades

What type of early socialization do you provide?

When our puppies are born they are routinely stimulated neurologically for 10 days. We follow Mom’s lead when it comes to how much and when they can be handled. We introduce them to new toys, sounds, family members, acclimate them to the house, to a crate and then carefully to our other dogs. We play different types of sound recordings of busy streets and thunderstorms, and of course expose them to music and white noise. They are handled consistently and taken outside to play if the weather permits when they are ready. We do not tax their developing immune systems by taking them to dog parks or introducing them to other dogs or people we do not know; that should only happen after their home Vet completes the last round of puppy vaccinations and they are given a clean bill of health in their new homes. References: https://vcahospitals.com/know-your-pet/puppy-behavior-and-training— socialization-and-fear-prevention

Do you do any training before 8 weeks of age?

Our puppies socialize with Mom, Dad, Cooper and Tess. They are in a group environment and are impacted by the group. They observe sit, stay, come, lie down and learn how to potty outside. It has been my experience that they are not neurologically mature enough before 8 weeks to perform to consistent obedience commands. We introduce them to walking the yard, not jumping up, obedience commands etc.

Are your puppies crate trained?

Yes. We introduce them to the crate in the house and in the car.

What is your pickup process for puppies going to their new homes?

We have a “pick up day”. New families are scheduled an appointment for the pickup day to come visit and collect their new family member.

Can we meet Mom and Dad?

Depends on the day and how life is going for our crew. If it’s good for them, yes. We do not allow other dogs in the area because Mom and Dad are still protective of the puppies AND because of immature immunity in the pups.

What do you feed your puppies, and will they be sent home with a few days of food?

Our puppies leave at 8 weeks on Purina Pro Plan Puppy dry food. We send several days’ worth of food with your new puppy when they go home.

When do you require your puppies to be spayed or neutered?

11-12 months with veterinary documentation sent to FSBC before the puppy’s 1st birthday.

What type of health guarantee do you provide?

Yes, we do. Please read the FSBC Sale and Health Contract: https://fieldstonebordercollies.net/forms-requiring-signatures/

Can I contact you with questions?

Absolutely! Even if you do not buy a puppy from FSBC we are happy to share any information about the Border Collie breed.