Owning a Field Stone Border Collie begins by placing a refundable deposit (which goes toward your final purchase price) and securing your name on our deposit list. People are allowed to choose their puppy in the order their deposit was received (chronologically). For example; depositor #1 gets first pick, depositor #2 gets second pick and so on. That being said, as the breeder, we have the option of first pick from our litters. We always try to accommodate everyone’s wishes, but we cannot guarantee colors, energy levels, etc., so please take that into consideration before placing a deposit. Border Collies have traditionally been bred as herding dogs and potential owners MUST understand the breed before buying a pup.

If a litter doesn’t produce what you are looking for you are welcome to transfer your deposit to the next planned litter which will remain in chronological order, or have your deposit refunded back to you.

Your deposit is no longer refundable once you have been contacted by us to choose your puppy or chosen a puppy from one of our litters and then change your mind. We will gladly place you back on the deposit list in your original chronological position. You won’t lose your chronological place on the deposit list if you choose to pass on a litter and transfer it to the next planned one.