Breed Standards

Field Stone Border Collies (FSBC) are registered with the American Border Collie Association (ABCA). To visit their site and learn about their standards, visit . To capsulize, ABCA is an organization that registers Border Collies and supports the BC as a working/herding dog.

ABCA has published a “Code of Ethics and Best Practices” that can be found here: .

ABCA’s Mission, taken from the pamphlet “ABCA, American Border Collie Association” is stated as; “The ABCA exists to register, maintain and verify the pedigrees of Border Collies, to promote and foster in North America the breeding, training and distribution of reliable working Border Collies, and to promote stockdog trials and exhibitions.”

The pamphlet, “ABCA and Confirmation” discusses their position on the Border Collie’s purpose; “The American Border Collie Association believes that the development of the Border Collie as the most successful working stockdog requires constant selection for working ability in every generation. We believe that breeding for physical confirmation standards rather than for working ability is detrimental to the health and quality of the breed. We strongly discourage the breeding for, and showing of, Border Collies in confirmation competition. Consequently, the ABCA will withdraw registration from any dog or bitch which is named a Conformation Champion and will not register the offspring of any dog so named.”

If you desire a copy of either of these publications, or would like of ask questions of ABCA, visit .

The American Kennel Club (AKC) mission can be found by visiting . The Border Collie “Breed Standard” for AKC can be found by visiting .

FSBC dogs are not registered with AKC at this time.