How to Purchase an FSBC Puppy: First Steps

To purchase a Field Stone Border Collie puppy, go to the FSBC Deposit Agreement.

What you need to know:

We work from a deposit list that requires you to place a deposit and submit a completed form telling us about you and your needs. Go to FSBC Deposit Agreement ( to complete this form and pay your deposit. At this time, deposits by mail are $300. If made by PayPal or credit card are $310 ($300 plus $10 non-refundable fee).

When you receive your email confirmation for your deposit you are formally placed on the deposit list. Our deposit list puts you in a chronological “choice list” that we work from.

Field Stone Border Collies (FSBC) has a working relationship with Midnight Border Collies ( and Cowgirl Faith Border Collies (, referred to on this page as “breeders”. If you are on their list you may opt, at the breeders discretion, to accept a puppy from FSBC if formally offered.

If you place a deposit and decide not to continue with FSBC you may request to be removed from our list by emailing us at $200 of your deposit is refundable up to the point that you are offered a puppy. If you change your mind after you have been offered a puppy or reserved a pup and we have moved on to the next person on the choice list your deposit is forfeited and is no longer refundable. The refundable portion of your deposit, $200, will only be refunded if you have not been offered a pup. $100 of your $300 deposit is nonrefundable, as is the $10 to use PayPal or a credit card. It will take approximately 30 days for your refund to be mailed to you. Once your deposit is received you have two years to reserve a puppy at the rate in which your Deposit Agreement Receipt stated. If you choose to wait to reserve a puppy after that timeframe your final payment will be equal to the puppy purchase price on that day.

Our current purchase price for an FSBC puppy is $1600. After you submit your $300 deposit, $1300 is due prior to pick up or shipment. We cannot ship puppies during extreme heat or cold; it is not allowed by the airline, and FSBC chooses not to put our puppies in that danger. We prefer NOT to ship and will only do so under certian circumstances at our discretion. Shipping fees start at $400, which is due at the same time your balance is due; prior to pick up or shipment. Shipping costs are not included in the purchase price or deposit.

Puppies are expected to be picked up or shipped during their 8th week. If shipping or other arrangements are not made by eight weeks of age, or a puppy/dog is not picked up at his/her scheduled time to leave, a boarding and maintenance fee of $35.00 per day will be added to the sale price and must be paid before the adult dog or puppy leaves to his/her new home. Any fees for Veterinary care or immunizations past the 8th week must be paid before the puppy leaves for his/her new home. Shipping fees will be increased due to puppy size and are due prior to shipment.

FSBC reserves the right to change the amount of all fees, deposits and total purchase price to meet business needs.

FSBC does not sell breeding rights with our puppies. Our puppies MUST be spayed or neutered in their 12th month and Veterinary documentation sent to us in the 12th month. We take this very seriously and require a Spay/Neuter Contract be signed before any puppy leaves for his/her new home. The contract is here: All pups will be registered on a non-breeding status. A $10000 judgment will be brought against anyone that breeds a Field Stone Border Collie dog without written permission and non-breeding status lifted from registration records. It is the responsibility of the new, first owner of record to forward proof of spay/neuter documents in order for registration records to be completed and mailed when to the puppy is 12 months of age. In addition, if this is not carried out within the first 12 months , the first owner of record is responsible for full payment and completion of registration paperwork.

Please see our documents “Sale and Health Contract” and “Non-Breeding Status Contract” found here: These documents have a lot of information for new owners and must be signed and submitted to us with the balance of the purchase price before the puppy is picked up or shipped.

Field Stone Border Collies reserves the right to refuse the sale of a puppy to anyone we deem an unsuitable owner.

All Field Stone Border Collies are sold under a “Sale and Health Contract” that requires the puppy or dog NOT be resold or rehomed. We require the animal be sent back to us at the owners’ expense in good condition if you are unable to care for him/her or choose not to keep him/her for ANY reason. Please see the contract here:

Please email us at or call 801-879-5140 with questions.