Border Collie Puppy

Puppy Tails and Future Trails at Field Stone Border Collies

Border Collie Puppy
FSBC Tess x FSBC Ghost Litter 2023

Hello Field Stone Border Collies Family!

I’m thrilled to be back on the blog after a bustling and beautiful season here at Filed Stone Border Collies. It’s been a whirlwind of wagging tails, playful barks, and the joyous task of raising our newest litter of puppies. Watching these little bundles of energy grow each day has been a delightful journey.

In between the feeding, training and cuddles, I have admittedly found less time to write. But fear not! As our adorable little pups venture off to their new homes, I’m finding those quiet moments to reconnect with you all here.

Life with puppies is never dull, and I have plenty of heartwarming stories and insights to share. From the clumsy first steps to the mastery of fetch, each day has been a chapter in a book filled with canine adventures. I can’t wait to share these tales with you, along with valuable tips and experiences that will hopefully bring a smile to your face and a wag to your pup’s tail.

Looking ahead, I’m excited to write more regularly. Expect more stories from our kennel, training tips, health advice, and of course, endless puppy pictures that capture the essence of what we love most about these intelligent and affectionate dogs.

Thank you for sticking with us through our silence. Your support means the world to us and our four legged family members. Here’s to many more adventures and stories at Field Stone Border Collies. Stay tuned!


Welcome FSBC Tess!

In May, FSBC Tess came to live with us. She is the sweetest, most precocious girl and we are in LOVE. She is a red and white girl with beautiful green eyes. Tess came from Midnight Border Collies and Cowgirl Faith Border Collies, with who we share a close association. She will be added to our breeding program after all health checks and genetic panels are performed, in about two years. We will share pictures and stories here and on Facebook and cannot wait to see how Tess grows into her legs…

Tess and Quinn have become fast friends. They LOVE to play and run. He is SO patient with her and she adores him. He’s a super role model for her and she is a terrific playmate for him. Match made in heaven for our family!

FSBC June 2021 Litter 2 Week Pics

Good night these guys are cute…

Eyes are partially open, personalities are starting to be noticed, still no good sleep for me. Or Riley.

Pups are doing great scooting around and trying to walk. Next set of pics will need to include shots of these little guys trying to play with each other. Adorable.

So far, someone is learning to bark, someone is learning to cry loudly, someone is learning to charm Mimi and wrap her around their little paw…. All are gaining weight well and Mom is doing super great. This is going to be an exciting litter!

Enjoy this pic of Merle Boy Pup#5…this says it all. Cutie Patootie!

FSBC Riley x Quinn L6_5_2021_P3

Precious Lineup

We are in love. These little darlings lined themselves up in this picture! One Black and White and four Merle! They are strong and beautiful. The birth was uneventful; Mom and babies are doing fantastic! Their little squeals and her attentive focus are great to be a part of.

More pictures forthcoming on this site and Facebook. Not gonna lie; this litter has robbed us all of sleep. Riley started whelping around midnight and was done around 5am. Lots to do in the whelping room! Babies are weighed and assessed. Fussed with and fed. And watched while they sleep. We are busy…and in love!

FSBC RIley L6_5_2021_P2

Five Sweethearts

Riley had 5 beautiful puppies on the 5th of June! They are beautiful and healthy. Mom is doing very well and taking amazing care of her 4 Merle and 1 Black and White pups. It was such a surprise to see 4 Merle pups in this litter! They are all so cute. The B/W looks SO much like his Dad! Take a look at the pictures on this post then run over to Facebook ( and watch them grow over the coming weeks!

Shoutout to my beautiful whelping assistants Sarah and Caitlin (my granddaughters) who did an AMAZING job! Love you girls!

Also, thanks to South Mountain Reproductive Pet Care ( WONDERFUL staff, and Veterinarians Dr. Pew and Dr. Gavin. Excellent care, wonderful experience!

Last one for now, thank you EZWhelp (! Love our Fab Box!!! So comfortable and convenient.


New Pups in June 2021!

    Field Stone Border Collies is ecstatic to announce our FSBC Riley x FSBC Quinn June 2021 litter! We are over the moon to have new puppies coming about the 7th of June and invite you to stay tuned for puppy and Mom hijinks! Please visit our blog,, for ongoing updates to come. We are on Facebook, too, and hope to see you at  You can also visit our “Purchasing a Puppy” page at if you are interested in placing a deposit and be placed on our deposit list!

Border Collie

We’ve Made Some BIG Changes!

FSBC is undergoing change! We are currently updating our website and ask for your patience as we make those changes.

This year has been very busy. We have moved from Farmington to West Valley and blended our family by marriage. In the process we’ve had so many wonderful positives, with two very challenging events; the death(s) of Max and Henry.

Max is the handsome Border Collie on our logo. He came to me from my son and daughter-in-law and saw me through one of the most difficult times of my life; a brain tumor with subsequent surgery and post operative course. There is not a day that goes by that I don’t miss him.

Henry is the most wonderful Black and Tan Coonhound you could ever imagine. Once a research animal, he came to live with my husband and his best bro Cooper (the handsomest Redbone Coonhound ever) some years ago and was here to welcome me, Max, Riley, Quinn and Breeze when we combined families.

Max, Henry and Cooper were the “old guys” club. They were unflappable and funny. Cooper, who is still with us and the Patriarch of the dog family now, fell in love with Breeze who was three months old at the time. He thought she was the cutest thing he had ever seen and was so sad when she went to live with our friend Carolann Mickles at Midnight Border Collies.

We have not attempted a litter during our first year and are hoping to breed FSBC Riley x FSBC Quinn soon. Any time now, in fact. We are settled in and looking forward to our new adventures and all the love we share with Cooper, Riley and Quinn. Missing you, Max and Henry…every day, but here’s to you guys! Until we meet again; with all our love…

Great News!

Great news! Field Stone Border Collies has moved from Farmington to West Valley, Utah. Not terribly far away. We are happy to announce, also, that our family name is now Maddocks. Please join us on our new adventures. This Fall, we hope to see another FSBC Riley X FSBC Quinn litter. We still have room on this wait list and if you’re hoping for a quality Border Collie pup we are taking deposits now. Please contact me for specifics.

Seven Little Heartbeats

Field Stone Border Collies is proud to announce that FSBC Riley will deliver on February 27th, 2018! Our beautiful girl and her sweet guy FSBC Quinn will be proud parents. Big shout out to Bayview Animal Hospital, especially Dr Cade Norman for showing us our seven little heartbeats!

Stay tuned and follow us during the last 33 (or so) days of our pregnancy and during whelping. So excited to see her beautiful bevvy of Border Collie babies!

To reserve a puppy from this litter please visit our “Purchasing a Puppy” dropdown, OR email us at

Riley: Soon to be New Momma
Quinn; New Daddy
Max: Seriously? More of them?

First Post of 2018!

Welcome to Field Stone Border Collies! We have a new look and feel to our website and blog. Our old site is gone and we are starting fresh, just like the New Year! Field Stone Border Collies (FSBC) started with Max coming to live with me. He’s the most wonderful Border Collie I know; smart, loving, active yet patient.