About Us

   Field Stone Border Collies (FSBC) focuses on quality Border Collies. Our dogs are bred for the intellect, stamina and loyalty that Border Collies are known for. We cultivate traits in our breeding program that are uniquely desirous from the BC dog; focus, train-ability, physical endurance, drive with an off button, and loyalty, to name a few. Our dogs display solid genetic and health traits due to responsible and knowledgeable breeding techniques and are all Paw Print Genetics and OFA tested.

   Our dogs and puppies are part of our family and are handled with love and respect from the moment of birth. A choice to add an FSBC pup to your family is supported by our foundation in breeding and handling.

We place our pups with people who understand the Border Collie breed and commit to their requirements for activity and engagement. If you’re ready for the new love of your life, contact us and we’ll make that dream come true.

   Love really does come on four paws….

Sarah Hill Maddocks RN, MSN, MBA, CNOR-E

Field Stone Border Collies, Principal Owner/Breeder/Trainer