Welcome to Field Stone Border Collies! We have a new look and feel to our website and blog. Our old site is gone and we are starting fresh, just like the New Year! Field Stone Border Collies (FSBC) started with Max coming to live with me. He’s the most wonderful Border Collie I know; smart, loving, active yet patient.

He converted me to the BC dog from my love; the German Shepherd. Max stood by me during one of the most difficult times of my life; a brain tumor. It became obvious to me that Border Collies have the talent and breeding to become exemplary service animals in addition to their unique qualities for agility, flyball, obedience and companionship. Yes, they are usually bred for herding and Field Stone Border Collies tremendously respects the working dog lines. We expand on that mission to allow for these dogs to serve using their unique capacities of focus, intellect, patience and stamina.

Max & Me

Breeding for service and companionship is our focus. While I’ve had dogs my entire adult life, my professional experience is in nursing and health care, primarily as a Registered Nurse of over 30 years as a practitioner and educator. My specialties are surgery, anatomy, physiology and pathophysiology. Genetics is a passion, so breeding Border Collies is not only a privilege, but a calling. I also have many years’ experience as a military member both active duty, reserve and as a military spouse. My role during those years was enlisted and officer, retiring as a former Chief Nurse. I understand the military environment and recognize the need for Veteran’s service animals. FSBC aims toward the goal of providing exemplary service animals for Veterans primarily, while also providing wonderful companions for individuals and families.

We are building our breeding program first and making suggestions for service animal training programs if that is your desire. FSBC does not, at this time, train for service. Our home training is modeled after the Susan Garrett style, based in scientific principle. We also follow Mike Ritland and Warrior Dog Foundation. Please visit our “Learn” page for more information and links to trainers, organizations and information FSBC follows.

We espouse positive reinforcement training for our dogs and puppies. Our dogs are family members and we want our pups that go home with you to be family members for you. Our dogs and pups interact with each member of our family and are shown the greatest amount of love and respect. They will come to you with socialization skills begun and our strongest desire is that you will continue their training and love them as much as we do.

I’ve told you about Max, who is now our BC Emeritus, or Grandpa. Three years ago Riley came to live with us. She’s a princess; smart, agile, athletic and the sweetest girl I know. Sweet, but tells the guys how it’s gonna be… Quinn followed one year later and is our Sire. He’s loving, very athletic and a nose work/obedience guy. I’ve been told he’s the perfect BC and I agree. I am truly blessed.


Riley, our Dam, comes to us from Midnight Border Collies; Carolann Mickles. We are building our team and will be ready for pups in Spring 2018. We’ve now had our first mating with Riley x Quinn and are waiting to see if puppies will come to us around the end of February. Excited!

We’re hoping you’ll enjoy watching us grow and that you’ll get to know us along the way.

Sarah Hill Pacheco RN, MSN, MBA, CNOR

Principal Owner Field Stone Border Collies

Sweet Quinn…

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